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Our talented, professional training staff is led by Scott Sarkozi who is well-known in the Gypsy, Friesian, and Arabian world of horses. Known throughout the show circuit as well as general training, our team is comprised of vibrant, outgoing, passionate and successful individuals with whom many have admired succeed over the last 30 years.

The team’s multi-champion talents are highly exhibited in training and in shows, especially when applied to non-traditional breeds in competition. The Windkiss team is nationally recognized and is a force not to be reckoned. A true delight to watch perform in competition and learn from in topics such as --- general equine handling, stallion etiquette, grooming, tack usage, training and riding in many disciplines at various ages, breeding and foaling, equine travel, conditioning for ideal performance, and avoiding and managing potential ailments in unique breeds such as Gypsy horses and Friesian horses.  

Windkiss Ranch is thrilled to have the Sarkozi team and all the championship titles that has been accomplished throughout the years.

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