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Owners, Janet & Frank Jansen researched and discovered this feathered magical breed with gentle demeanor and eloquent movement in Florida back in 2017. They purchased their first two foals (half-sisters SGV Maybelline’s Lou Sky and SGV Maybellines Onyx of Castlecomer) from Shenandoah Farms in Ocala, Florida. From that day forward, their herd has grown to over a dozen and continues to do so with proper breeding.

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Janet is highly involved in the breeding, marketing, infrastructure, and strategic plan of  Windkiss Ranch. It was her vision of applying her marketing expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to blossom Windkiss Ranch. Frank supports his wife in her pursuit of her passion of making Windkiss Ranch a nationally-recognized brand with quality horses. He takes great pride in the experiences Windkiss Ranch has created among its members and the horses; as well as the facilities.


We travel to horse shows nationally and as many may recognize, our team is unparalleled in providing education, as well as we are a formidable force in competitions. Our show horses are unforgettable as they are among the multi-champions in setting the standard of true Gypsy Horses and Friesians both in presentation and performance. 

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